Massage Therapy works with a wide range of physical and stress-related conditions. Some of these conditions include, sports injuries, headaches, chronic pain, whiplash injuries, stress, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other conditions. At sisters corporate massage, we’re all about providing high quality therapeutic treatments, in a safe, clean and comfortable atmosphere. We offer a range of services to get you moving and active again with less pain and larger range of motion. Click on a service to learn more about it.

Massage Benefits

    • Induces relaxation and relives stress
    • Reduces muscular tension
    • Increases circulation
    • Reduces pain
    • Increases range of motion
    • Promotes healing
    • Improves immune system function
    • Speeds up recovery time from exercise
    • Improves overall energy flow and sense of wellbeing

Corporate Massage

Promoting the general well-being of staff in an organization should be a priority of many companies..

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Cupping is a myofascial technique. This simply means that we are working on the connective tissue that..

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a combination of therapeutic massage with the additional luxury of applied..

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Prenatal massage is great during pregnancy and our massage therapists have been trained with how to safely massage..

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Reflexology is a technique that is mainly applied to the feet. Pressure is applied to the feet with a, thumb walking technique, to ease...

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